House Rules Revisions

At its recent Regular Meeting, the Board approved three new House Rules revisions.

Article 3.11. AIR CONDITIONING has been revised to allow the installation of split air conditioning units, provided certain condition are met. This section now reads:

3.11. AIR CONDITIONING. Air conditioning must be maintained so as neither to cause leaks into other apartments nor to cause excessive noise. No additional air conditioning unit may be installed in any apartment without express written approval of the Board of Directors.

The installation of a split air conditioning system is permitted provided it meets management approval and other requirements herein, including but not limited to:

A. no structural modifications to the building;

B. no overloading of electrical or plumbing systems;

C. installation by a licensed contractor.

Article 7.4. NOISE has been revised to establish a “quiet time” from 10 pm to 6 am on the recreation deck, during which no noise above a “normal conversational-level” will be allowed and no “sound producing devices of any kind may be played.” This includes devices like radios, music players and musical instruments.

Article 7.8. SWIMMING POOL (E) has been revised to read “Only U.S. Coast Guard approved or otherwise attachable small personal flotation devices may be used in the pool.” Any flotation device that can not be worn, like inner tubes, swim rings, air mattresses, or pool noodles is prohibited. Devices like life vests and children’s arm bands are allowed.

You can find the complete House Rules, including the latest revisions, on our web site.


to our Thanksgiving Owner-Staff Potluck on Wednesday, November 23, 4pm—6pm on the recreation deck.

Please bring a favorite dish to share and join us.

GM Retirement

I started working at Waikiki Banyan in August of 1988 with my friend and former GM Brian Molmen. I will retire at the end of this year.

There have been many changes over the years and it’s been gratifying to see the ways in which Waikiki Banyan and its operation have improved.

While there have inevitably been challenges, I have enjoyed working with many different Boards, Directors and owners; differences of opinion are easily resolved when everyone shares the goal of doing what is best for our building and residents. Thank you all for your trust and support over the years.

Finally, mahalo nui loa to our staff, the exceptional group of people that is the Waikiki Banyan ‘ohana. Your efforts have made my job easier and the Banyan a home for all who live and work here.

—Wayne Babineau

Aloha Nui Loa

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November 2016

2017 Annual Meeting

The 2017 Annual Association Meeting has been scheduled for 4 pm Friday, February 24, at the Pacific Beach Hotel. Check-in will start at 3:30 pm.

Our geographically diverse ownership makes achieving a quorum challenging; we depend heavily on owners returning their proxies.

We will be mailing proxy forms to all owners early in December, and also posting the form online.

When you receive your proxy, please take the time to fill it out and return it as soon as you can.

Remember that you do not have to give your proxy to another owner, you can simply mark it for quorum only. This will allow us to hold the meeting and avoid the expense of setting up another meeting.

Thank you for your help.

Drain Line Replacement on Hold

The project is on hold while we address some regulatory matters.

We expect to resume work in January. We will publish a revised schedule as soon as possible.

2017 Parking Passes

The parking passes for 2017 have been ordered. The new passes will be effective noon January 1, 2017. The 2016 passes will no longer be valid after that date.

Each owner is entitled to one (1) parking pass for each apartment owned. Control of the parking pass is the unit owner’s responsibility. You may assign your pass to your tenant or rental agent, however we must have your personally signed authorization before we will give a pass to anyone but you.

If you sell your unit, please give the pass to the new owner. If you do not, the new owner will have to pay $100 for a new pass.

We will not mail out the passes. They will be available beginning December 21 in the Administration Office, 306-II, during normal business hours.

To assign your parking pass, please fill out and sign the authorization form and mail, email or fax it to the Admin Office.