Plumbing Standards

All replacement plumbing parts at Waikiki Banyan must conform at minimum to the following standards.

    1. Copper pipe Type L or K Hard Drawn
    2. Lead free solders – no concealed compression joints
    3. All valves to be accessible for servicing
    4. All tub, tub/shower and shower valves shall have integral stops
    5. All tub, tub/shower and shower valves shall be anchored to building structure
    6. Every fixture shall have separate isolation valve
    7. Every fixture shall have air chamber except Ice Maker
    8. Water supply for icemakers shall be copper ¼ inch minimum, may be soft copper, no plastic tubing
    9. Saddle valves are not to be used for icemaker connections
    1. Cast iron with no hub connection
    2. Copper type L with lead free solder joints
    3. Galvanized Iron pipe with Durham fittings
    4. All transition between dissimilar materials shall be with transition couplings
    5. All traps shall be metal
    6. No PVC or ABS allowed
    1. All valves and fittings shall be rated 125 psi or better
    2. All tubs, tub/shower and shower valves shall have integral stops and integral balance spools. Balance spools and stops shall be accessible
    3. All kitchen, bar, and lavatory faucets shall be 2 handle only
    4. All supply connections to faucets shall be with metal connections
    1. Tubs shall be porcelain, steel, cast iron, americast, or fiberglass
    2. Lavatories shall be cast iron, porcelain, steel, molded stone, molded marble or fiberglass
    3. All water closets shall be 1.6 gallon flush
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