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Waikiki Banyan’s in-house cable television service is different from the standard residential service. If you want to receive premium or pay-per-view channels, you will need to contact Oceanic Television for residential service.

If you are having reception problems with the Association-provided feed, call Oceanic Cable’s “hotel repair” department at 625-8121 rather than their regular repair service line. Tell the service person you talk to that Waikiki Banyan has a “hotel dual-line” system. Oceanic may try to help you over the phone or they may schedule a repair technician to come out.

If you have your own residential service you should call Oceanic’s regular repair service line at 625-8200.

Channel Station Network Information
4 KBFD-32 Independent: Japanese/Korean
5 KFVE Independent: local sports
8 FOXNEWS Fox News Network
10 HICNV Hawaii Convention Channel
14 CNN CNN Cable News Network
15 HLN Headline News
16 ESPN ESPN The Sports Network
17 CNBC CNBC Financial News
18 USA USA USA Network
21 KIKU-20 Independent: Japanese
22 KHNL-13 NBC
23 NHK NGN NGN Channels - NHK News
24 KHET PBS Public Television
25 FUJI NGN NGN Channels - Fuji News
26 VH-1 VH-1 Video Hits One
27 TBS TBS Atlanta superstation
28 DSC DSC The Discovery Channel
29 TNT TNT Turner Network Television
30 COM COM Comedy Central
31 MTV MTV Music Television
32 NICK NICK Nickelodeon
33 A&E A&E Arts & Entertainment
34 GOLF The Golf Channel
35 TWC The Weather Channel

Revised December 8, 2004, per Oceanic Cable

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